Software Solutions in a Hardware World

The world has become increasingly connected. In a 1st World Country such as the USA we have become too dependent upon being constantly connected to others through our devices such as our smart cell phones. The huge problem that this has become for modern day society is that we are increasingly disconnected even when we are connected online through social media such as Facebook. The dangers of Facebook are many but the largest danger of Facebook is that we allow ourselves to become so immersed in our online lives that we neglect the important face to face connections where tone and body language and verbal cues tell us a lot more about each other than a false software solution such as Facebook could ever tell us. In addition, if you use Facebook you must realize that you are the product because you do not pay anything to Face-book to me a user but any and all information you share even if your settings are private becomes the property of Facebook to use and/or sell to the highest bidder in order to advertise and market products more effectively to you as the user.

Another example has become cars themselves whereas when older cars would break it would be a hardware issue that needed to be fixed such as brake pads, spark plugs, filters, etc. but nowadays the solution usually comes in the form of a software fix such as a software patch to fix your car and/or truck that is acting badly on you. These software problems may indeed require specialized equipment to fully diagnose that you as the consumer may not have available to you.

A final example would be the actual computers themselves that are now based upon UEFI rather than BIOS. The UEFI is a software interface that starts when you start your computer but by being a software solution it can be more easily overcome and lends itself to being compromised remotely. The BIOS is a hardware interface that can be overcome if you have physical access to the computer but cannot be overcome remotely as easily.

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