Did your system slow down? Not working correctly? Some malware steals your personal information. Others use your system resources. Never fear. Viruses, Trojans, and Malware don't stand a chance against the Dude.


PC diagnostic- $30. Repair $30/hour +parts
Mac diagnostic- $50. Repair $50/hour +parts
Clean Install of Windows- $75.
The rest- $30/hour plus cost of parts which must be paid upfront


Whether it's a Mac, PC, or Linux - laptop, desktop, or in between, it's more than just computer. It is a part of your world. When it has problems, you have problems. You need a certified technician, one you can trust.

The Dude

  • Keep up the Great Work!

    This guy has done a great job fixing two of my laptops so far. Keep up the great work!

  • Geek Squad failed, Dude succeeded

    When my printer wouldn't respond, I was frantic because the computer and printer are my com link with the world. After a little discussion, Dan determined that the printer had been damaged…

  • I highly recommend the Computer Repair Dude

    My HP Windows 7 laptop would not stay on anymore and it was very frustrating. Dan said he'd take a look at it for $25, and if repairable we'd discuss the additional…